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Just some of Gene's thoughts, photos, experiences, and so forth about  fish'n. The stories have no virus protection and some tall tales could have entered herein so the actual facts of the case could be infected with non  factual and inaccurate accounts of any of the historical events listed and we were going to purchase protection for these virulent virus' but found there are none available we're not exactly sure why unless it would be the fact that Real Fishermen have this remarkable acumen which allows them to to detect any existing virus' themselves and make correction of them as the tales unfold and are related to the audiences.

But, in the main, these pages should reveal experiences, plans and events as viewed by Gene's friends and relatives and I think you will find that no further embellishment is required as sufficient to the cause has already been expended. 

Folks are generally lookn for the best time to go fishn so be sure and check: 


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Ernest Gene Conger    6/14/2013                                           
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