Joseph Wallace Conger Descendants

(Starts with 7th generation from John Belconger)
7 - Joseph Wallace CONGER
    Born Dec 1863 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
    Died 20 Apr 1937 Mendota, Putnam, MO
    Bur. Apr 1937 Mendota, Putnam, MO, Friendship Cemetery
    Note Joseph Wallace Conger, son of Enos Conger
    REFERENCE: CFA I, p. 497, listed out of alphabetical order.
    AKA: Wallace; J. Wallace Conger; Uncle Wallace Conger by Mary Lou (Conger)
    Thompson who recalled a visit with him in Cincinnati, IA. (Joseph) Wallace
    Conger in CFA I, p. 497.
    BIRTH: Born in a log cabin built by his father Enos in Cincinnati, IA. Wallace's
    sons were born there too.
    (Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, 41a - Maxine Crowell Leonard)
    OCCUPATION: Coal Miner
    MARRIAGE: Joseph W.
CONGER to Jennie CATTERN on 25 Dec 1884 at Putnam Co., MO 
    (Source: LDS Records - furnished by Joyce POSEY)
    RESIDENCES: Cincinnati, IA; Menota, Putnam Co., MO
    RECOLLECTIONS: Wilma Barnett wrote to Maxine Leonard on 18 Nov 1993. "I
    enjoyed the current Confab, as I saw Siegel and Wallace [Conger] once when my
    grandmother [Fidelia (Morrison)] Boden had 2 of her sisters visiting from NB
    and WY. I was 12 and they took me with them to visit relatives in Ottumwa, IA.
    We called on Wallace [Conger] and Seigel [Conger] was at his home that day.
    Good memories. (Source: Conger Confab, Vol. XX, No. 4, Dec 1994)
    DEATH: According to Joyce Posey he died in Mendota, Putnam Co., MO.
    CEMETERY: The Friendship Cemetery is located 6 miles northeast of Mendota, MO
    on an old country road.
sp- Jennie CATTERN
    Born Apr 1865 Cedar, Mahaska, IA
    Mar. 25 Dec 1884 Mendota, Putnam, MO
    Died 19 Jan 1923 Mendota, Putnam, MO
    Bur. Jan 1923 Mendota, Putnam, MO, Friendship Cemetary
    Dau of William CATTERN & Sarah SEAMON
    BIRTH-DEATH-CEMETERY: According to L. Keith Conger. Born 10 Apr 1865, Cedar,
    IA; d. 19 Jan 1923, Mendota, Putnam Co., MO; buried Jan 1923 at Mendota, 
    Putnam Co., IA in the Friendship Cemetery.
    8 - William Franklin CONGER
        Born 16 Dec 1885 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
        Died Sep 1965 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
        Bur. Sep 1965 Mendota, Putnam, MO, Friendship Cemetary
        Note AKA: Frank
        OCCUPATION: farmer, raised Hereford cattle, had 1 cow and 8 calves when he was 5 years old
        (Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 26 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)
        Problem: Did he die in Aug 1964 or as listed in the SSDI, Sep 1964?
        SS Death Index: William
CONGER; b. 16 Dec 1885; issued: MO; d. Sep 1964;
        last place of residence: IA; zipcode: ; SSN: 496-42-2654
    sp- Mary Delilah BROWN
        Born 11 Aug 1887 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
        Mar. 15 Mar 1905 Mendota, Putnam, MO
        Dau of William Henry BROWN & Louise Jane O'NEAL
        9 - Jesse Pearl CONGER
            Born 27 Dec 1905 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Died 14 Mar 1920
            Note Never married.
        9 - Evelyn M. CONGER
            Born 31 May 1907 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
        sp- Nova MC LAREN
            Born 10 Aug 1903 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            Mar. 10 Nov 1924 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
            Son of Robert J. MC LAREN & Alta WILLIAMS
            10 - Robert J. MC LAREN
                 Born - 14 Mar 1931 Newton, Jasper, IA
            10 - Betty Jean MC LAREN
                 Born - 21 Jan 1926 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            sp - Jack MARION
            sp - Unknown WHALEN
        9 - William Raymond CONGER
            Born - 21 Feb 1910 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            Died - 30 Jul 1956 Silverton, Marion, OR
            Bur. - Aug 1956 Mendota, Putnam, MO
        sp- Mildred FOX
            10 - Robert Franklin CONGER
                 Born 13 Dec 1937 
                 Died 25 Mar 1991 
                 Note SS Death Index: Robert
CONGER; b. 13 Dec 1937; issued: IA;
                 d. 25 Mar 1991; last place of residence: Cincinnati, IA
            sp - Donna Lee DORSETT
                 Mar. 6 Feb 1960
                 11 - Robert Lee Conger
                 11 - Richard Lee Conger
                      Born 22 Dec 1979
                 sp - Jamie
                      12 - Brooklyn CONGER
                      12 - Emily CONGER
            10 - Carol June CONGER
                 Born 3 Dec 1939
            sp - Unknown WARD
                 11 - 
        sp- Edith DOWNEY
            Note SPOUSE: Edith Downey was the 2nd spouse of William Raymond
        sp- Billie FOWLER
            Note SPOUSE: Billie
FOWLER was the 3rd spouse of William Raymond CONGER.
        9 - Dorothy Dimples CONGER
            Born 16 Oct 1911 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA Putnam Co., MO?
        sp- Neal THOMPSON
            Born Abt 1910 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            Mar. 1934 Unionville, Putnam, MO
            10 - Norman Lee THOMPSON
                 Born 5 Aug 1935 Mendota, Putnam, MO
                 Died 6 Dec 1972 CA
        9 - Harold Enos CONGER
            Born 12 Nov 1912 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            Died 3 Apr 1965 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Bur. Apr 1965 Pleasant Twp., Appanoose, IA, Pleasant Hill Cemetary
            MILITARY: PC 116 Station Hosp., World War II.
            CEMETERY: Harold Enos Conger, Nov. 12, 1912 - Apr. 3, 1965;
            PFC 116 Station Hosp. World War II; Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Row 15,
            Pleasant Twp., Appanoose Co., IA (Furnished by Joyce Posey)
        sp- Pauline VESTAL
            Mar. 6 Feb 1941
            Dau of Jake VESTAL & Sylvia RAMSEY
            10 - Sharon Louise CONGER
                 Born 6 Jul 1942
            10 - Harold Stanley CONGER
                 Born 12 Dec 1944 
            10 - Darrell Lee CONGER
                 Born 1 May 1946
            10 - Wallace Terry CONGER
                 Born 23 Nov 1949
            10 - Douglas Wayne CONGER (raised from very young age by Frank & Ruth Golic, uncle & aunt)
                 Born 18 Nov 1953
                 Died 5 Aug 2008
                 Bur. Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Cincinnati, IA
            sp - Patricia Lynn Davenport
                 Mar. 31 Dec 1985
                 11 - Frank Conger
                 11 - Rachel Conger 
        9 - Carl Franklin CONGER
            Born 13 Dec 1915 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Died 5 Apr 1963
        9 - Josephine Blanche CONGER
            Born 7 Oct 1917 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            Died 9 Sep 1983
            Bur. Sep 1983 Pleasant Twp., Appanoose, IA, Pleasant Hill
            CEMETERY: Josephine B.
HUDSON , Oct. 7, 1917 - Sept. 9, 1983; Arthur W.,
            Sept. 10, 1912 - ; Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Twp., Appanoose Co., IA,
            Row 23 (Furnished  by Joyce Posey)
        sp- Unknown THOMPSON
        sp- Arthur W. HUDSON
            Born 10 Sep 1912 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Mar. 1937 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            10 - Ronald HUDSON
                 Born - 18 Apr 1938 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            10 - Jerry Lee HUDSON
                 Born - 7 Nov 1940 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            10 - Rosemary HUDSON
                 Born - 6 Jan 1945 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            10 - Glen Edward HUDSON
                 Born - 2 Jul 1952 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
        9 - Ruth Geneva CONGER
            Born 14 Apr 1919 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            Note HOBBIES: quilting, "tilling the soil," raising cattle
        sp- Frank Larry GOLIC
            Born 27 Jun 1916 Rathburn, Appanoose, IA
            Mar. 25 Mar 1939 Unionville, Putnam, MO
            Son of John GOLIC & Anna KAUZLARICH
            10 - Larry Frank GOLIC
                 Born - 6 Mar 1940 Cincinnati, Appanoose, Ia
            sp - Suella HOUSER
                 Mar. - 19 Dec 1962 
            10 - Gary Kent GOLIC
                 Born - 7 Sep 1941 Mendota, Putnam, MO
            sp - Connie MC ANINCH
                 Mar. - 7 Oct 1968 
            10 - Harold Wayne GOLIC
                 Born - 2 Jan 1943 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 Died - 16 Apr 1943 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
    8 - Charles Marion CONGER
        Born 10 Mar 1887 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
        Died 13 Jan 1979
        Bur. Jan 1979 Pleasant Twp., Appanoose, IA, Pleasant Hill Cemetary
        Note Charles Marion Conger
        OCCUPATION: Farmer
        CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of Church of Christ
        REFERENCE: Listed in The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 698 – Maxine
        Crowell Leonard.
        RECOLLECTIONS: L. Keith Conger, son of Charles Marion Conger, of Cincinnati,
        IA wrote to Maxine Leonard on 20 Nov 1973.
        I have a picture of my grandpa, Enos [Conger] and his wife. I have a cane handed
        down, that Enos made. I have visited his grave many times. He lies in a little
        cemetery south of Cincinnati, [IA].
        My father, Charles M., was born in a log cabin east of Cincinnati in 1887. He’s still
        living. When he was a boy his dad used to pack up the family in a covered wagon
        and go to the Indian Territory out in Oklahoma. They made several such trips and
        would work in the hay fields of the cattle ranches nearby. What adventures he and
        his three brothers, Jesse, Pearl and Frank would have.
        They hunted and fished with the Indian boys, rode ponies, swam and "rassled"
        Indian style. All this was passed on to my brother and myself on long winter 
        evenings as we watched the flickering flames of fire.
        My dad would also play the harmonica for us and could play the organ too. His 
        favorite tune, "The Oklahoma Sunset Waltz." I will never forget it if I live to be
        thousand years old.
        I own and live on a 200 acre farm south of Exline, [IA]. This farm has been in the
        family (both sides of the house) for almost 100 years. Eighty acres of it was
        purchased from an heir to the Jospeh Leonard (who married Margaret Conger)
        We are members of the Exline Christian Church which was established in a hayloft
        in a barn on the John Conger farm in 1852. John was brother to Enos and used the
        bard as an underground railway station for the slaves in pre-civil war days.
        I have always been proud of and claimed a relationship to all Congers, and am so
        pleased to have this excellent book to verify it.
        (Source: Conger Confab, Vol. III, No. 3, Sep 1977 CEMETERY: Pleasant Hill Cemetery,
        Row 25, Pleasant Twp., Appanoose Co., IA;
        Avis Irene Conger, 1919-1947, w/o L.C. Tice; Parlee Conger, 1890-19--; Charles 
        M., 1887-19--. 
        [Note: The dates of death of Parlee and Charles were probably not listed because
        they were living at the time when the cemetery record was made.] 
        (Source: Book "Pleasant Twp. Cemeteries," - Furnished by Joyce Posey)
        SS Death Index: Charles Conger; b. 10 Mar 1887; issued: IA; d. Jan 1979; last
        place of residence: Cincinnati, IA; zipcode: 52549; SSN: 479-16-3410
    sp- Clittie Parlee MIKELS
        Born 26 Sep 1890 Putnam, MO
        Mar. 3 Oct 1908 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
        Died 30 Aug 1985 Appanoose, IA
        Bur. Sep 1985 Pleasant Twp., Appanoose, IA, Pleasant Hill Ce Dau of Lyman
        MIKELS & Rebecca SHADDEN
        Note - Clittie Parlee MIKELS
        Problem: Her name has been listed as, Parke Mikels which is wrong. Her name
        has been listed as, Clittie Parlee Mickles (Mickels), which is also wrong. According
        to her son, L. Keith Conger, her name was Clittie Parlee Mikels.
        [Note: No source citation has been given which would prove the name. REH]
        Problem: Was she born in Putnam Co., MO or as listed in CFA I, Cincinnati, 
        Appanoose Co., IA?
        CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of Church of Christ
        9 - Esther Maletta CONGER
            Born 22 Jul 1909 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Note Problem: Was her first name, Ester or Esther?
        sp- Ford KERBY
            Mar. 11 Dec 1928
        9 - Arthur Don CONGER
            Born 14 Aug 1911 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Died 6 Jul 1915
            Note AKA: He may have been called, Don.
        9 - Bernice Berlin CONGER
            Born 27 Apr 1913 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Died 21 Aug 1995 Gilman, Marshall, IA
            Note Bernice
            DEATH: Word was received by Keith
CONGER of the death of his sister, Bernice
CAMPBELL, 82, who died in Gilman, August 21, [1995]. She was born  to Charles
CONGER and Parlee MIKELS and married Charles CAMPBELL, who preceded her
            in death. Surviving are sons, Donald and Bob, and a daughter Marlene. (Source:
            clipping, dated 1995 - furnished by Dortha WALTERS to Joyce POSEY)
            COMMENT: Not found on the SSDI
        sp- Charles CAMPBELL
            Mar. 1 Apr 1930
            Note AKA: Charlie; Charley
            10 - Donald CAMPBELL
            10 - Bob CAMPBELL
            10 - Marlene CAMPBELL
        9 - Doris Marion CONGER
            Born 10 Mar 1916 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Mar. 18 Jan 1935
            Died 25 Jul 1956
        sp- Litel BATES
            10 - Neil BATES
            10 - Litel BATES Jr
                 Born Oct 18, 1935 In Mendota, MO
                 Died April 7, 1999 at Ottumwa Regional Health Center
                 Bur. Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Cincinnati, IA
            sp - Rochelle MIKELS
                 Born Aug 7, 1936 Omaha, MO
                 Mar. Jun 1956
                 Died May 11, 2004 at Mercy Medical Center in Centerville, IA
                 Cremation was burial
                 11 - Randy BATES
            sp - Judith MASTIN
            10 - Richard BATES
            10 - Judi BATES
            10 - Linda BATES
            10 - Donald "Gator" BATES(Twin to Ronald)
                 Born Jan 9, 1950
            sp - Sandy SUMMERS
                 Mar. Jun 17, 1984 (Later divorced)
                 11 - Eric BATES
                 sp - Shashana OWNBY
                 11 - Brenda BATES
                 sp - Chris REGENWETHER
                      12 - Aubriana BATES
            10 - Ronald
BATES (Twin to Donald)
                 Born Jan 9, 1950
        9 - Avis Irene CONGER
            Born 19 Feb 1919 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            Died 4 Dec 1947
            Bur. Dec 1947 Pleasant Twp., Appanoose, IA, Pleasant Hill Cemetary
            Note CEMETERY: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Row 25, Pleasant Twp.,
            Appanoose Co., IA; Avis Irene Conger, 1919-1947, w/o L.C. Tice; Parlee
            Conger, 1890-19--; Charles M., 1887-19--.
            [Note: The dates of death of Parlee and Charles were probably not listed 
            because they were living at the time when the cemetery record was made.]
            (Source: Book "Pleasant Twp. Cemeteries," - Furnished by Joyce
        sp- Linden C. TICE
            Mar. 6 Dec 1937
        9 - Loren Keith CONGER
            Born 8 Aug 1924 Pleasant Twp., Appanoose, IA
            Died 30 Nov 2007 at his rural home south of Exline
            Bur. Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Cincinnati, IA
        9 - Charles Marion CONGER Jr.
            Born 19 May 1929 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
            REFERENCE: The History of Exline, Iowa 1996, has a photograph of the
            1946 graduating class of Exline High School. Among those pictured is Charles
            Marion Conger. (Furnished by Joyce Posey)
        sp- Marjorie Helen CHILDS
            Born 21 Oct 1928 Tilden, Madison, NE
            Mar. 10 Jun 1951 Norfolk, Madison, NE
            Dau of Richard M. CHILDS & Martha A. GALYEN
            Note OCCUPATION: Teacher
            10 - Deborah Lee CONGER
                 Born 20 Jul 1952 Moberly, Randolph, MO
            10 - Rebecca Lynn CONGER
                 Born 16 Jun 1954 Goldfield, Wright, IA
            sp - Garry TILLOTSON
                 Mar. 27 Feb 1972 Des Moines, Polk, IA
                 11 - Jason Matthew TILLOTSON
                      Born 26 Oct 1972
                 11 - Tasha Lynn TILLOTSON
                      Born 19 Mar 1979
            10 - Julia Kay CONGER
                 Born 9 May 1957 Goldfield, Wright, IA
            sp - M. Ali AZDRM
                 Mar. 9 Sep 1979 Ankeny, Polk, IA
                 11 - Ramin Adrian AZDRM
                      Born - 18 May 1980
            10 - Charles Mikel CONGER
                 Born 17 Jul 1962 Denver, Denver, CO
    8 - Pearl Truman CONGER
        Born Abt 1 Jul 1888 Appanoose, IA
        Died Aug 1956 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
        Bur. Aug 1956 Mendota, Putnam, MO, Friendship Cemetary
        Note Pearl Truman
        RESIDENCES: Numa, Exline Ia, Mendota, Putnam Co., MO
    sp- Ruth Alice WILCOX
        Born 1895 Numa, Appanoose, IA
        Died 11 Jan 1968 Davenport, Scott, IA
        Bur. Jan 1968 Mendota, Putnam, MO, Friendship Cemetary
        Dau of John WILCOX & Alice ENGLISH
        Note AKA: Ruth Alice Wilcox
        9 - Delphia CONGER
            Note AKA: Delphe
CONGER in CFA I, p. 423
        sp- Arvid SWANSON 
            10 - Ruth
            10 - Samuel
                 Born 1930

                 Died 2002
                 Buried Washington Park North Cemetery Indianapolis, Indiana
                 11 - Russell SWANSON
            sp - Edith Anna Maria
     Born 1929
                 Died 2013
                 Buried Washington Park North Cemetery Indianapolis, Indiana
            10 - Gene
            10 - Lynn
        9 - Troy Eugene CONGER
            Born 18 Apr 1915 Numa, Appanoose, IA
            Died 6 Apr 2002 Mercy Medical Center, Centerville, IA
            Bur. Apr 2002 Sharon Chapel, Appanoose IA
            Son of Pearl Truman CONGER and Ruth Alice Wilcox
            Note EDUCATION: had to quit school at the 7th grade to help the family after
            his father had too many back injuries from working in coal mines. Back broken
            3 times and in one of those accidents, his legs were crushed.
            OCCUPATION: Coal Miner, farmer; factory worker
            HOBBIES: Fishing, hunting; gardening
            RESIDENCES: As of April 2002, Exline, IA
        sp- Pansy Rosalie SEALS
            Born 20 Sep 1916 Exline, Appanoose, IA
            Mar. 14 Nov 1936 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
            Died 15 Oct 1995 Exline, Appanoose IA
            Bur. Oct 1995 Sharon Chapel, Appanoose IA
            Dau of John Abel SEALS & Lavella Mae (GRIGGS) Seals
            Note Pansy Rosalie
            EDUCATION: one year of college
            OCCUPATION: retired saleslady; factory worker; accountant; town clerk
            HOBBIES: quilting, sewing, cooking, plays the piano
            10 - Ernest Eugene CONGER
                 Born 4 Jul 1937 Exline, Appanoose, IA
                 RELATIONSHIP: Brothers, Ernest Eugene and Ronald Truman Conger were
                 married to sisters, Shirley Ann and Donna Marie Ehlers, respectively.
                 Ernest retired in year 2000 and and in 2009 moved to Exline into the family home.
            sp - Shirley Ann EHLERS
                 Born 17 Feb 1944 Maquoketa, Jackson, IA
                 Mar. 17 Jun 1971 Moulton, Appanoose, IA
                 Dau of Emil EHLERS & Bernice HANSEN
                 Note AKA: Eichlers in CFA II, p. 92; Eihlers, elsewhere. Corrected to
                 Shirley Ann EHLERS on the website of Gene Conger.
                 11 - Naomi Ann CONGER
                      Born 5 Sep 1973 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 sp - Michael Bradley CASSADY (Ended in divorce in year 1997)
                      Mar. 23 Dec 1994 Exline, Ia
                      Born 29 Mar 1972
                      Son of Gary CASSADY & Joyce EXLINE
                      Note AKA: Called, Brad
                      12 - Troy Logan CASSADY
                           Born 2 Jan 1996 Ottumwa, Wapello, IA
                 sp - Steven Brent HAWK (Ended in divorce in year 2007)
                      Mar. 28 Jan 1998 Manhatten, Ks
                      Born 19 Sept 1966 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                      Son of Harold Everett HAWK, Jr. & Edith MULLINS
                      Note AKA: Goes by his middle name, Brent.
                      SPOUSE: Brent Hawk was the 2nd spouse of Naomi Ann Conger.
                      12 - Emily Ann HAWK
                           Born 13 Sep 1993 Ottumwa, Wapello, IA
                      12 - Ethan Eugene HAWK
                           Born 3 Jun 1997 Ottumwa, Wapello, IA
                      12 - Riley Kaye HAWK
                           Born 28 Oct 2002
                 sp -
Marc Wesley Jones, of Albia, IA
                      Mar. 8 July 2014 in Bloomfield, IA.
                      Son of William Jones of Albia, IA
                 11 - Daniel Eugene CONGER
                      Born 14 Aug 1976 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 11 - Samuel Dean CONGER
                      Born 14 Sep 1978 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 sp - Michelle Dawn FARRELL (Ended in divorce in year 2007)
                      Mar. 3 Apr 2000
                      Born 20 Aug 1980 Chariton, IA
                      Dau of Rex Allen WRIGHT & Patricia Ann MC CARTY
                      12 - Nicholas Gilbert Cole CONGER
                           Born - 15 May 2000 Corydon, Wayne, IA
                      12 - Carlie Michelle CONGER
                           Born 24 November 2003 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 11 - Sarah Amy CONGER
                      Born 7 Mar 1981 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 sp - Mike SCONZO
                      Mar. 5 Apr 2000
                      Born 13 Aug 1966
                      12 - Shonmikel Frank SCONZO
                           Born - 28 Jul 2000 Bloomfield, Davis, IA
                      12 - Zoie June
                           Born 6 January 2004 Bloomfield, Davis, IA
                      12 - Oscar Alzado SCONZO
                           Born 17 January 2014, Winfield, KS
                      12 - Gabriel Ziggy
                           Born 13 Feb 2016, Centerville, Appanoose, IA

            10 - Ronald Truman CONGER
                 Born 18 Sep 1938 Exline, Appanoose IA
                 Died 13 Mar 2002 St Louis MO
                 Bur. 18 Mar 2002 Mayflower Cemetery, Oxford Junction Ia
                 Note DIVORCE: The marriage of Ronald Truman Conger and Marjorie
                 Dudley ended in divorce in 1965.
                 RELATIONSHIP: Brothers, Ernest Eugene and Ronald Truman
                 were married to sisters, Shirley Ann and Donna Marie EHLERS, respectively.
            sp - Marjorie DUDLEY
                 Dau of Robert Eugene Dudley & Eva Adaline Zeller of Cincinnati, IA
                 Mar. May 1955, divorced 1965
                 11 - Lucinda Jean CONGER
                      Born 10 May 1957
                 sp - Alfred TERRYBERRY Jr
                      Mar. 7 Jun 1974
                      12 - Angela Sue
                           Born 23 Nov 1978
                           Died 10 Jan 1980
                           Bur. Blue Springs Cemetery
                      12 – Matthew Austin
                           Born 10 Oct 1980
                      Sp – Melissa Kay DURHEIM
                           Born 25 Feb 1983
                           Mar. 31 Dec 2007
                           13 – Zoe Jean 
                                Born 5 May 2004
                           13 – Austin Michael
                                Born 22 Jun 2008
                      12 – Melissa Sue
                           Born 30 Sep 1983
                      Sp – Christopher Richard Riblett
                           Born 16 Jul 1983
                           13 - Cambria Joselyn COBB
                                Born May 9, 2011 in Columbia, Mo.
                 11 - Kimberly Ann CONGER
                      Born 31 Jan 1959
                 sp - Robert GRAY
                 11 - Felicia Lynn CONGER
                      Born 8 Mar 1962
                 11 – Russel Kevin CONGER
                      Born 10 Dec 1965
            sp - Donna Marie EHLERS
                 Born 31 Oct 1942 Jackson, IA
                 Mar. 24 Jun 1967
                 Dau of Emil EHLERS & Bernice HANSEN
                 11 - Teresa Renee CONGER
                      Born 10 Dec 1967 Maquoketa, Jackson, IA
                 11 - Damon Emerson CONGER
                      Born 21 Sep 1970 Maquoketa, Jackson, IA
                 11 - Todd Owen CONGER
                      Born 7 Aug 1972 Maquoketa, Jackson, IA
                 11 - Darcy Dawn CONGER
                      Born 8 Apr 1977 Maquoketa, Jackson, IA
            10 - Floyd Francis CONGER
                 Born 7 Oct 1939 Exline, Appanoose, IA

                 Died In year 2010 in Ft Worth, TX (buried is unknown)
            sp - Marles MORIARTY (Ended in divorce)
                 Mar. Jun 1959, divorced
                 11 - Shane CONGER
                      Born 18 Jan 1960 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
            sp – Barbara CARLISLE (Ended in divorce)
                 11 – Stacie Marie
                      Born 19 Jul, 1974 Oklahoma City, OK
                      12 – Darren MCCLAIN Rounsville
                           Born 8 Dec, 1994 Roseburg, OR
                      12 – Kylee Elizebeth
                           Born 6 Jul, 2002 Springfield, OR
                      12 – Ashley Elaine
                           Born 5 Oct, 2003 Eugene, OR
                 11 – Tanya Sue
                      Born 3 Nov, 1976 Eugene, OR
                      12 – Katelyn Marie
                           Born 16 Dec, 2000
                      12 – Cade James
                           Born 26 Jul, 2002
            10 - Janice Maybelle CONGER
                 Born 22 Nov 1940 Exline, Appanoose, IA
            sp - Curtis Ronald SINES (Ended in divorce)
                 Born 3 Mar 1933 Appanoose, IA
                 Mar. 10 May 1958 
                 Son of Allen SINES & Myrtle STEWART
                 11 - Ronald Gregory SINES
                      Born 31 Jul 1958 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 11 - Jeffrey Curtis SINES
                      Born 10 Apr 1964 Ottumwa, Wapello, IA
                 11 - James Allen SINES
                      Born 24 Feb 1968 Ottumwa, Wapello, IA
            sp - Richard BAILEY
                 Born Ottumwa, Wapello, IA
                 Mar. 30 May 1969 Lancaster, MO
                 Note SPOUSE: Richard
BAILEY was the 2nd spouse of Janice Conger
            sp - Don BREESE
            10 - John Edgar CONGER
                 Born 3 Dec 1941 Albia, Monroe, IA
            sp - Roxene HUGHES (Ended in divorce in 1979)
                 Mar. 3 Jan 1961 Linneus, Linn, MO, (divorced)
                 11 - Dana Christin CONGER
                      Born 23 Sep 1962 Unionville, Putnam, MO
                      Died 6 Feb 2013
                      Bur. 9 Feb 2013 in Unionville Cemetary
                      12 - Chira CONGER
                           13 - Ian Owen Logan Trent
                                Born 23 July 1999
                      sp - WEYANT
                           13 - ?
                      12 - Allie CONGER
                 sp - Dave WILLIAMS married 20 Nov 1990
                 11 - John Christopher CONGER
                      Born 23 Feb 1965
                 sp - Teresa
                      12 - Tasha Conger
                      12 - Troy Conger
                 11 - Clifford Owen CONGER
                      Born 19 Aug 1966 Davenport, Scott, IA
            sp - Frances SNYDER (Ended in divorce)
                 Mar. Macon, MO
        9 - Delma Frances CONGER
            Born 20 Apr 1921 Numa, Appanoose, IA
            Died 4 Mar 1999 Des Moines, Polk, IA
            Bur. Mar 1999 Lake Forest, Lake, IL, St. Mary's Cemetary
            Note Delma Frances
            RESIDENCES: Lake Forest, Il & at the time of death, Centerville, IA
            OBITUARY: Delma D'Hulst
D'HULST, 77, of Centerville, [IA] died Thursday, March 4, 1999, at Mercy
            Hospital in Des Moines, [IA].
            She was born April 20, 1921, in Numa, the daughter of Pearle and Ruth
            She married Frank
D'HULST Dec. 28, 1938, in Centerville. He preceded her in
            death Sept. 19, 1975.
            Survivors include a son, Henry
D'HULST of Oxford, Miss., and a brother, Troy
CONGER of Exline, [IA].
            She was a homemaker.
            Graveside services will be held Friday at St. Mary's Cemetery in Lake Forest,
            Ill. The Johnson-Lange Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
            (Source: undated clipping - furnished by Dortha Walters)
        sp- Frank D'HULST
            Born 1914 Lake Forest, IL
            Mar. 28 Dec 1938 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
            Died 19 Sep 1975
            Bur. Sep 1975 Lake Forest, IL, St. Mary's Cemetary
            Son of Henry Joseph D'HULST & Alida Marie DE WAELE
            Note CEMETERY: St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Lake Forest, IL.
            10 - Henry Truman D'HULST
                 Born 1945 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
                 Note RESIDENCES: As of Mar 1999, Oxford, MS
        9 - Geneva CONGER
            Born 5 Jan 1923 Numa, Appanoose, IA
            Died 25 May 1981
            Note AKA: Geneva
        sp- Winifred SEDGEWICK
            Born 1925 Jerome, IA
            Mar. Abt 1951 Appanoose, IA
            Died 1986
            Bur. Exline Cemetary
            10 - Michael
                 Born 6 May in Centerville, IA
                 Mar  29 Nov 1973 in Davenport, IA
                 Died 25 April 2013 at 57 Years of age in Cincinnati, IA
            sp - Brenda KUMER of Davenport, IA
                 11 - Alisha
                 sp - Trevor THOMAS of Unionville, MO
               11 - Mike
                 sp - Gina ? Kirksville, MO
                 11 - Summer
                 sp - Brant HARBERT of Unionville, MO
    8 - Jesse Blaine CONGER
        Born 23 Dec 1891 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
        Died 13 May 1968 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
        Bur. May 1968 Exline, Appanoose, IA, Exline Cemetery
        Note Jesse Blaine
        OCCUPATION: coal miner; farmer
        SS Death Index: Jesse
CONGER; b. 23 Dec 1891; issued: IA; d. May 1968; last
        place of residence: Centerville, IA; zipcode: 52544;  Zipcode 52544
        includes Centerville, Appanoose, IA among other places in Appanoose Co., IA
        (Source: The
CONGER Family of America, Vol. II, p. 129, Corrections on page 718
        Maxine Crowell Leonard)
    sp- Ida INGLISH
        Born 22 Mar 1907 Mendota, Putnam, MO
        Mar. 25 Nov 1922 Centerville, Appanoose, IA
        Bur. Exline, Appanoose, IA, Exline Cemetery
        Note Problem: Was the surname, Inglish or English?
        9 - Lucille Lavera CONGER
            Born 27 Dec 1925 Exline, Appanoose, IA
        sp- James Orien SEAVEY
            Born 6 Aug 1924 Unionville, Putnam, MO
            Mar. 18 Sep 1944 Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS
            Note (Source: The
CONGER Family of America, Vol. II, p. 415 - Maxine Crowell
            10 - Joy Belle SEAVEY
                 Born 25 Sep 1949 Marshalltown, Marshall, IA
            10 - Jackie David SEAVEY
                 Born 5 Dec 1954 Marshalltown, Marshall, IA
        9 - Jack Gene CONGER
            Born 29 Jul 1929 Exline, Appanoose, IA
            Died 29 Nov 1951 Korea
            Bur. Exline, Appanoose, IA, Exline Cemetery
            Note Jack Gene Conger
            MILITARY-DEATH: Jack Gene Conger was unmarried when he was killed in
            military action in N Korea 11/29/1951. US55068246, Cpl, Medical Aidman,
            17th Inf Regt, 7th Infantry Division, Medical Dept
            CEMETERY: Exline Cemetery, Sec. 5, Row 13; Caldwell Twp. Cemeteries,
            Appanoose Co., IA; Jack G. Conger, July 29, 1929 - Nov. 29, 1951, Ia. Cpl
            17 Inf Div Korean PH; Ida Conger, 1907 - ----, Mother; Jess, 1891 - 1968,
            Father. (Furnished by Joyce Posey)
            SS Death Index: Jack Conger; b. 29 Jul 1929; issued: IA; d. 29 Nov 1951; last
            place of residence: zipcode: ; 
        9 - Joann CONGER
            Born 31 Aug 1935 Unionville, Putnam, MO
            Died 6 Nov 2013
            Bur. Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, IA 

       sp- Jim Dale HARSHA
            Born 1939
            Mar. 30 Jul 1962
            Died 2002
Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, IA
            10 - Bob HARSHA
                 Born 30 May 1956
            10 - Carol HARSHA
                 Born 27 Dec 1960
            sp - Daniel D. Hass 

                 Mar. 18 July, 1981
(Ended in Divorce in 2007)
                 11 - Katie Hass (Twin)
                      Born 17 Oct, 1985
                 11 - Kellie Hass (twin)
                      Born 17 Oct, 1985
                 11 - Jenny Hass
                      Born 18 Dec, 1989
            sp - Larson B. Dunn
                 Mar. 20 Oct, 2008
            10 - Mark HARSHA
                 Born 26 Feb 1968
    8 - Seigel CONGER
        Born Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA
        Note CONFLICT-QUESTION: Was Seigel Conger a daughter of Joseph
        Wallace Conger? According to a Conger book of L. Keith Conger this person was
        not a member of the Joseph Wallace Conger family.
    sp- Oscar NELSON
    sp- Unknown UNKNOWN
    8 - Francis CONGER ?

Here we have a listing of the Congers living in Caldwell Township in Iowa's 1850 Census.

Congers In Caldwell Township At Iowa 1850 Census
Township    Date    Page  Line   Group   Last      First      Age     From   Sex  Occupation  RealEstate
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     1    34-34   CONGER    ENOS        36      OH     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     2    34-34   CONGER    JANE        37      VA     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     3    34-34   CONGER    MARGARET    11      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     4    34-34   CONGER    MARY         9      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     5    34-34   CONGER    ELIAS        7      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     6    34-34   CONGER    DARCUS       5      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     7    34-34   CONGER    EMMA J       1      IA     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     8    35-35   CONGER    ELIAS       44      PA     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B     9    35-35   CONGER    REBECCA     46      PA     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    10    35-35   CONGER    THOMAS      22      OH     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    11    35-35   CONGER    BENONIA     21      PA     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    12    35-35   CONGER    MARY A      18      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    13    35-35   CONGER    MARK        17      OH     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    14    35-35   CONGER    JOHN        15      OH     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    15    35-35   CONGER    WILLIAM     13      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    16    35-35   CONGER    BOBISON     11      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    17    35-35   CONGER    ELIAS        9      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    18    35-35   CONGER    AMOS         7      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    19    35-35   CONGER    MARTHA J     4      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    20    35-35   CONGER    SAMUEL       1      IA     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    26    36-36   CONGER    GEORGE      21      OH     M     FARMER
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    27    37-37   CONGER    JOHN        41      PA     M     FARMER         $1600
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    28    37-37   CONGER    ELIZABETH   40      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    29    37-37   CONGER    MARY        18      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    30    37-37   CONGER    ELIZABETH   16      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    31    37-37   CONGER    CHARLES     14      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    32    37-37   CONGER    NANCY J     12      OH     F
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    33    37-37   CONGER    WILLIAM      9      OH     M
CALDWELL   23NOV    26B    34    37-37   CONGER    LYDIA A      5      OH     F
(There were more Congers than any other name)

We have been able to identify the locations of the farms owned by Enos, his son Wallace, and grandsons Frank, Charles, Pearl, and Jess Conger thru the plat maps of Iowa and Missouri, Caldwell (1915), Pleasant (1915) and Lincoln (1930) townships.

Enos Conger left Ohio and settled in Appanoose County in 1845.  In 1852 he obtained a U.S. Gov. patent for a quarter-section of farm-ground in Caldwell Township, the n.w. 1/4 of section 32. This is now the site of the town, Exline, IA. This was Enos' first farm. He sold it and moved to Pleasant Township just west of Caldwell..

We have found a Caldwell Township plat map that shows Exline (NW 1/4 section #32) and what is now the Charles Conger farm. It also shows land at extreme left of Exline. This plat is where Jess Conger had his acreage. Jess's only son Jackie was KIA in Korea in 1951 so the family, getting older, moved from the isolated acreage to Centerville. See cropped Farmer's Directory Listing below for Charles and Jessie Conger.



Enos moved to Pleasant township of Cincinnati, Iowa, see plat map dated 1915. This map shows the location of the Wallace Conger farm, at the time 2 plats totaling 60 acres located at the extreme southern end of the township. It is believed that this small acreage was part of the 2nd (320 acre) farm of Enos Conger.

Enos married his second wife, Mary Jane Ireland and built a cabin on that farm. His only son Wallace was born there of that union. It is believed that Wallace lived there most of his life, marrying Jennie Cattern and producing 4 children, all male (see above). Enos and Mary Jane were buried in nearby Boswell Cemetery (for some reason, no headstones have been found for Enos or his two wives. Apparently, boulders were used instead). Enos' Grandson Charles and Parlee Conger were buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery just west of Cincinnati, IA. It is known that Wallace lived in Mendota at one time, later in his life. Wallace, Frank and Pearl were buried with their wives in Friendship Cemetery NE of the new Mendota, MO - it would be SE of the old Mendota.

Note: The map shows a 240 acre farm of C.S. Conger in Sections 11, 12. This was Charles Seigal Conger, a grandson of Enos by his first wife Ann Strayer. His father was Elias Gregory and mother was Margaret Jane Ireland.


Enos' other 2 grandchildren, Frank and Pearl bought farms just across the Missouri state line in the Mendota area and lived there several years. Pearl was involved in 3 mining accidents, the last one crushing his legs and breaking his back (second time). He had a terrible time mending as infection entered the damaged bones and he very nearly died. Of course, his family lost everything as in those days workmen had little compensation. He lived to 67 years age but walked stooped the rest of his life and was not very mobile. Ruth cared for him at hospital in a long recovery and rest of family helped but there were 4 children, one crippled. The family was broken up and 2 older daughters sent to Chicago to work as domestics and the son, Troy was sent to CCC camp. Geneva, crippled, stayed with her mother when she was there and with probably Frank's family when Ruth was at Centerville  hospital caring for Pearl. She rode the CB&Q train back and forth between Centerville and Mendota.
The Lincoln township plat shows the location of Enos' grandsons William Frank Conger and Pearl Truman Conger farms. An interesting item here. As you look at the plat map it becomes obvious that the city of Mendota is different location from where it is shown on today's maps. It seems too far North. It appears there was not much of a town but they had a post office on the railroad as shown on the plat map.

Here is the Missouri Plat Map for Lincoln township with Enos' grandsons Frank and Pearl's farms outlined in green. Wallace/Jennie, Frank/Mary and Pearl/Ruth are buried in Friendship Cemetery.


There has always been a lot of talk about Mendota in the Conger family. Viewing the following 1897 plat explains a lot about the place. The whole area looks as if it belonged to the Mendota Coal and Mining Co. It must have been one of those huge "collective" operations like they have in Russia. You could put your finger on the map almost anywhere and then call it Mendota.

We were able to identify 3 mines, although they have them numbered up to the #4 mine which appeared to be at the northern location of "Mendota."  The location of the Post Office was as generally shown, at the north location. There appears to be several building in the area, along the track. This was probably the "Company Store" and even "Company Houses" for miners of the company. There are several sidings for coal cars, etc. The location of a church is given but there is no evidence of a school. Mine # 1 had some houses around it. Each mine may have had it's own little community.

Later studies of the plats revealed what was probably Mine #3 ..... IN IOWA! It's believed that the "Mendota Coal Co. (3)" just east of Wallace's farm was where the mine was located - on the north side of the state line/road in the Pleasant Township Plat (EEC 4/22/2016).

All in all, looks like a large concern. This partial section of the 1897 plat map shows what appears to be a pretty busy place (a partial section was used as it was enlarged making easier reading).   


The railroad, CB&Q, was shut down around 1950. The railroad went through Exline and on west to Cincinnati, Iowa then turned south and went through Mendota, Mo and on to Unionville, Mo area.

However, Unionville had an electric plant that was fired by coal so the road stayed intact from Unionville on south to allow shipment of the coal to the plant. The line was totally removed from Unionville, Mo back to Burlington, Iowa and that included Mendota just northeast of Unionville.

Since the Post Office was located on the railroad, sort of off-highway so to speak, it was moved to a location on the highway system and given same name .... Mendota. And there Mendota is until this day. Nothing there now but there is a cemetery located just south of the creek. The railroad's road bed is visible on Google maps yet today.

We now have access to satellite imagery and Google maps has a very nice program whereby you can look up almost any location you like and it is utterly amazing. Even though the above railroad was removed, the roadbed has largely not been disturbed and you can trace the path of roads long out of use.

Because of the way land was farmed it is easy to identify property lines, etc. The land was settled in ranges, townships, sections, normally 600 acres to a section. So a 1/4 section would have about 150 acres and so on. A quarter of a quarter section would be 37.5 acres and this seems to be the size of most of the developed plats. In those days, men worked in the mines in the winter so they only needed a few acres to raise a cow or two and some pigs and chickens. Women brought in cash income with the eggs and cream (separated from the fresh milk) they sold in town. Everyone had a big garden and canned fruit/vegetables for their tables. Nearly everyone had "caves" on their property to help preserve food (in the absence of electricity and refrigeration).

We have marked up 2 of the Google Maps having satellite image - see what you think of them ....... just use your computer to magnify, if you have to (hit keys ctrl+). It is necessary to provide maps of the latest roads, etc so that people can find these Conger points of interest on today's maps.

The first satellite image shows the Iowa area with Cincinnati, IA on the left and Exline, IA on the upper right. The second image shows southern Iowa and northern Missouri areas where the rest of the Wallace Congers settled. Due to the proximity of the Mendota Post Office to Wallace's Iowa farm, would he have used the Mendota address rather than the more distant Cincinnati?




These were very powerful tools that allowed our family to at last find and identify many aspects of their heritage.

Ernest Conger   August 18, 2015

Ernest Conger  12/26/2015

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