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We had a little "get-together" on Memorial Day and here are some of the pictures ........... Everybody was there and all had a good time. Mike had a flat tire but they got it fixed ok.   




It's good that we can do this, have good weather and all that.  

We've had our Easter and all that but then Shirley and I graduated our first Grandchild from High School and then our two daughters graduated from a 2-year course they took at William Penn College here in Iowa. We're very proud of all of them as they all did very well scoring well with their work and Emily is going on to University of Iowa on a scholarship. She worked hard for it as did her mother and her aunt did theirs. It's not easy to raise a family and then take on the task of expanding an education.

Here are a couple photos of Shirley and the girls. Sam has already gone to our Technical College for just selected courses and got lucky there, getting good teachers, etc who knew their stuff and he really learned a lot there. He says the learning offered since then has dropped off as some of the good faculty in that area of expertise had moved on. Sam is well into robotics in manufacturing.


I must plead for understanding here as I stayed home during the festivities but enjoyed them none-the-less. I was able to watch the William Penn ceremonies "online" on my computer and was grateful for it. I'm pretty much done in by arthritis and my activities have been pretty limited in the last 2-3 years.

I somehow wound up with another birthday ....... number 75 - can you believe that?  Everyone sent cards and Carlie sent the biggest one and with 2 gal. of paint for our back porch from Nick! Lots of nice gifts, including $100 cash, and cake, ice cream and everything!

In October we had some birthday celebrations and some visitors showed up - Shirley's Sister, Donna and one of her boys, Todd. We were glad to see them of course and even got a picture or two of them. Here is one of them, left to right, Donna, Todd and Shirley Conger.

Lookin' good, guys!

Better get Shirley in here somewhere or I'll really be in trouble. Shirley had a birthday Feb 17th and I have some photos but for some reason, can't find one showing her full in the face. Here are a few of the more interesting ones.

Typical woman's gift ........ a cooking utensil!


But I've been around a little longer that the rest of them and knew Shirley loves to put puzzles together and seeing an ad in a catalog for made to order puzzles, ordered a couple for her. She's looking at the pictures that came back with the puzzles.

And here is the assembled product, didn't take her long either .............  you might recognize them.


Boy, I've been slippin' up on some of these pages. I just had my 76th birthday and hardly anything between it and the 75th. Fact is, the 'ol boilers are leaking quite a bit and I've had real problems with arthritis and, for some reason known to the fates that run this thing, I've had terrible muscle cramps, mostly in my back muscles and they are the most painful things I've ever had to endure. They have settled down quite a bit, I don't know why.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the 4th July get-together we had this year at home in Exline.

Yep, that's me with my oldest daughter, 'Little Naomi'.

Now, when we got these boys, they were sure cute, but they are starting to look a little ornery - can't imagine why.

Left to right, front row ...... Mark Jones, Nick Conger, Shon Sconzo, (back row) Dan Conger, Troy Cassady, Ethan Hawk, Sam Conger.
All good boys ..........

And pretty much the same thing can be said of the women folks as you can see.

Front row, left to right; Riley Hawk, Carlie Conger, Zoie Sconzo (back row) Emily Hawk, Shirley Conger, Naomi Hawk, Sarah Sconzo. The three girls in the back have a total of 7 years at acredited college work with good scores.

I noticed that I somehow was left out of these pictures so I asked that we get at least one with me in it. They said sure can, so in the waning daylight we managed to get everybody together and get this one shot.


I felt kind of unsteady and figured the posing might take awhile so I brought the walker out and turned it backwards and still had support if I needed it. Worked fine and I didn't have to lean on it much.

Had another good birthday party, thanks to the family.

Well, here it is Jan 2014 and on the 17th day of the month, this pretty little fellow showed up in southern Kansas.
Oscar Alzado Sconzo was born in early hours of the day. This is the son of Sarah and Mike and is our 9th Grandchild. And here he is being held by his Grandmother Shirley who went from Iowa to Kansas with Sarah's older sister, Naomi, for the event.

Wonderful, just great .......... what a guy he'll be!

and ....... after a year or two ...... here he is, offering to redecorate the Christmas tree and standing by
 just in case his sister Zoie needs help in a ballgame


So he's off and running - got a good start!

   I got to visit with Oscar a little bit just before the July 4th fireworks.


Christmas, 2015. Had a very nice one, as always. Took some group photos .....

This one has the Grandchildren .......!

So Sam's came to our house and what did they bring us?   

Would you believe that when wife opened the box, out came this pretty balloon with "It's a GIRL" on it!

So it looks as if we are going to get another grandchild. That's all good ......

and here she is ! She arrived earlier than expected but is doing very well. She has the reddish blonde hair

and is pretty, small at six pounds plus, but pretty. A nice looking baby - Everly Josephine Conger.

Here are the two new babies side by side, Gabe on the left and Josie on the right.

I don't know what we could do as an encore. The nice babies are the tops ..

Here are the GRANDDAUGHTERS of the family


Emily Hawk, Josephine Conger, Riley Hawk, Carlie Conger and Zoie Sconzo ........ what a wonderful troupe!

The family today .......


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