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Gene Conger Family of Appanoose County Iowa
The Gene Conger Family locally are the direct descendants of Enos Conger who held original 1852 Patent for the land on which the home of my father, Troy Eugene Conger, sets in Exline, Iowa.

Enos Conger, descendant of John Belconger of England, came to Appanoose County with his brother from Ohio fairly early on, about 1845-46.

A census was taken in 1850 and the most persons of same name in Caldwell township were Congers. At that time there were 29 Conger souls in Caldwell with a few others here and there in that area and some were just across the state line in Missouri. Actually, the land was claimed by both states and Iowa prevailed and they wound up Iowa Citizens in 1849.

Enos was father to Wallace, Wallace was father to Pearl and Pearl was father to Troy of Exline.

I am the Gene in the photograph above and to the right (wearing the hat).

My family consists of myself, Ernest Eugene Conger, my wife Shirley Ann, children Brian Ehlers, Naomi Ann, Daniel Eugene, Samuel Dean and Sarah Amy (shown just below) and a continuing accumulation of grandchildren.


Left-Right; Sam, Gene&Shirley, Naomi, Dan, Sarah, Brian - (not in above picture)
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These webpages were primarily for my family but, because of the informative nature of the content, we have made them public so as to help inform any members of the families involved of family lineages. There are hotlinks below for webpages of us with lots of pictures.


Gene’s newer Granddaughters at Tea  (May ‎2008)


We have moved from Centerville residence and now reside at another single level home in my hometown Exline, Iowa.

Lots of room here, too. Three lots in a thinned-out neighborhood. This has been our family’s home for many years.

It’s one of the old “coal miner” houses which design fills the town. About 850 square feet,  fine for us older retired guys. Big lawn, trees and very nice apple tree which has best apples for pie …..

Lots of work though. Fortunately, we have Dan to do the grunt work and he keeps the place looking pretty good and, of course, shovels all the snow come winter.

For those who may have an interest, here is the GENEALOGY of Gene's Family ........... click here (with more links below)
. Also, I have put the page(s) together more or less for my family but I believe it would be a good thing if someone maintained the genealogical lines from Wallace Conger and J.A. Seals. I am prepared to do this if someone so disposes and has lineal information they would like to make public. Merely send me the information and I will add it to the respective family.

Gene's Family Tree courtesy of :   Dick Henthorn.    x        and a hot-link to Conger Genealogies.  


And here is a place for the fishing enthusiast to read about fishing and even contribute some fishing stories, advice if they like ........

Click Here ......

And I have added an Army Webpage for things Military.

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I served 6 years in the "regular" army as a volunteer. The Emblems of the units I served in are above:  Hotlinks for each of The 3rd Armored Division, The Alaskan Command, The 5th Infantry Division Mechanized, and Civil Service (R.I. Arsenal and Young Radiator Co.). I served in Army Ordnance and generally enjoyed the experience and I was very lucky in that there were no wars during my time in the service.

I have tried to maintain some accuracy as regards the timelines involved but I'm afraid I was not able to do it totally. If the unfolding of events seem to ramble, just keep reading as I'm sure there will be something in the accounts for everybody even if they may be  incorrectly sequenced.

The first four emblems are linked to webpages of army units in which I served. Just click on one to see my Army days. The "Red Bull" is 34th Inf Div, a Minnesota and Iowa National Guard unit in which my niece, Tasha Conger, served. The unit did a tour in Afghanistan. Click there to see her service.

On the far right is the crest of a new 82nd Airborne Division Unit , the 122nd Aviation Support Battalion. I have listed it because they are using the crest from the 122nd Armored Ordnance Battalion of the 3rd Armored Division, my old army outfit, which was de-activated right after the Gulf War in the early 1990s. So, my old Ace-Double-Deuce Ordnance unit lives on! Only they aren't working on tanks anymore, it's helicopters of every kind and description. It is a good unit, as was ours.

Ernest Conger    12/26/2015 

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