Samuel  Dean Conger  2

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They are growing like trees, Carlie a firegirl who saved a doll and Nick is fishing more all the time.

Nick is graduated from pre-school and ready for the BIG school.


Ahhh, the big school ……. almost got lost in this one.


has second birthday …..

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Christmas Day 2005 and Nick has his picture taken in his ‘hunting pants’ ……


Nick is in Kindergarten and the class came up with a spring project to make a dinosaur then present it to public in a “play.”



 As you can see, many of the children are holding their projects for the audience to see.

I think I’m going to have to get a better camera, this one is just 1.3 megapixel
and just doesn’t have the resolution required for the group photos.

And somebody got him fixed up and got a pretty good portrait …….

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Boy he sure is growing!  And got out of school ok, did very well as a matter of fact,
but had a “carnival” first ….
which Carlie attended. Nick was a  bunny rabbit.


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 Looks like Carlie had good summer - ridin’ and rappin’…….. and Nick got his school picture and birdwatched.

Then took up soccer at school ……..

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And earned some ribbons ………. Then they did the Holloween thing.

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