Sarah Amy Conger Sconzo 3

Christmas 2007

Looks like someone got caught peeking …… but Zoie gets more presents at her Jan birthday party.

x          x

Zoie and Riley have enlisted in the local dance school and they got trophies.
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Shon has joined the boy scouts ………. Zoie’s got serious about the computer. Here she’s on “Barbie .com” – pre K and does it all herself. She can open up WordPad, select her font size/color and type her name and phone number. Can’t do it without a “tootsie pop,” though.
x         x


And here are their “school” pictures for the year ……… she is pre-school and he is 2nd grade.
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Halloween 2008
x         x

               Nick Conger & Shon Sconzo                                            Zoie Sconzo

x         x   

Nick, Shon, Zoie, Riley, and Carlie ……………… and our “flapper”, Zoie Sconzo.

 We had our annual Easter egg hunt and it looks like Zoie and Shon found some eggs …..
x   x

Dan took the boys fishing for awhile at Rathbun and guess who caught the biggest fish? Yep, Shon …….
who came up with a small striped/white bass.

 x    x
And a picture of Zoie at her “Pre-K” school.

Easter again and the annual egg-hunt and accompanying group photo.


Carlie, Riley, Zoie, Shonmikel, Nickolas, Emily, Ethan ….

 Riley and Zoie have started playing T-Ball and have uniforms and everything ….


A girl contemplating the merits of nature, no doubt. Hmmm, is that our Zoie? 


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