Naomi Ann Conger JONES    5

See that pretty smile of a happy girl? They removed the braces …..lovely, just lovely!!

Riley got another trophy for dance …….

School picture time and they have some really nice pictures – Troy, Emily, Ethan.



Man, there is so much going on now I’m not sure I can keep up with it all.

And from “HOMECOMING” …….


What a crew …….. what a crew!

Here are some interested parties who probably are not invited to most of the activities.


 Em’s little sister Riley and cousin Zoie Sconzo.

State Fair time in Iowa, too. The fair is popular in the state and the Hawk family is no exception …… Naomi and Sarah are going to William Penn college so got some T-shirts and away they went.



 And what’s a weekend in town without …….


Riley went to Kansas City again for dance competition and got another trophy and while she was there
got to try out their Japanese cookery and couldn't resist the urge to play with her chopsticks .......

x                x

As for the dance, well, you be the judge .........

x              x

Lordy, I could NEVER do that ........

Ehtan went hunting turkey with a bow and look what he got ........... a really nice Bird!  Good job Ethan!



I just can't believe how big these guys are! Ethan has a necklace with the turkey's spurs on it ....


Here is the two girls, Emily and Riley.


The boys got to take a picture with their Grandmother and mother.


Here's everybody .... Zoie, Carlie, Riley, Nick, Shon, Ethan, Emily, Troy.

A Missile!  Will it work?



It sure did!!!

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